Just Instruments Updates:
On Site & In Lab ISO Certified Calibration Service Provider. Serving since 2009. PROUDLY CANADIAN! We provide OEM and custom made high precision temperature sensors specifically designed for food processing industry's.


We Provide Time Bound Solutions To Best Of Our Knowledge, Expertise Skills In Calibration, Repair, Sales & Service.

Just Instruments Inc. Offers a wide range of In House and On Site calibration service. We have well experienced technicians and sophisticated equipments to calibrate various process control instruments using manufacturers specifications and ISO standards as reference.
With your calibrated instrument we will provide you following documents:
  • A calibration sticker attached to the instrument showing the calibration date and calibration due date.
  • Calibration Data sheet.
  • Calibration Certificate
Just Instruments Inc. provides high quality repair, sales & services for various process control measuring instruments Including:
  • Temperature
  • Level
  • Flow
  • Pressure
  • Weight
  • Balances
  • Scales 
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